Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How To Tell If The Baby Names Are Female

Parents prepare a male and female unique baby names. Some baby names only apply to female baby. Although the medical advancement have improved to tell the gender, the gender is sometimes hard to tell. And sometimes, parents like to wait to keep the excitement.

At the first few weeks, it is too early to tell the gender of the baby. Doctors use ultrasound to determine the gender of the baby during the prenatal care. Now, a blood test may be able to tell the gender of the baby. However, many Doctors are questioning the ethics of the blood test at this time.

The ET and IT at the end of the Egyptian baby names signify a female baby names. For example, Neferet who was an Egyptian Queen is an Egyptian female baby name. Pasherit is another example. By the way, most Egyptian baby name can be applied to male or female.

The Spanish baby names that end with the letter A signify a female baby name. For example, Adriana, Beatrisa, Carlita, Delfina, Elvira, Francisca, Graciana, Isabella, and Julieta are female baby names. Spanish are spoken in many countries. So, many countries follow the same principle.

The French baby names that end with letter E signify a female baby name. For example, Jeane, Jeanette, Jeanine, Jeanne, and Jenette are female baby names of Jean. Jean is French baby name of John. Many countries follow the same principle, because French are spoken in many countries too.

The Arabic baby names that end with letter A or H signify a female baby name. For example, Abdullah, Bashira, Fatinah, Halimah, Jameelah, Laila, Myrna, Rahimateh, and Sharika are female baby names.

Chinese baby names can be applied to male or female baby, because the meanings of the baby name are general and vague.

Some origins of baby name are culturally enriched. In that case, the gender of the baby name is hard to tell. Unless you are really familiar with the language, the gender of the baby name is hard to tell.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pregnancy & Fertility - How to Be an Inspired Parent Before Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

Inspired Parenting

There are a few different elements involved in inspired parenting which will I will address in a series of articles.

One of the basics of inspired parenting is the whole idea of co-parenting with the Universe, God, Angels or whatever word/image fits for you. Inspired parenting invites in the support of the universe so you don't have to do it alone.

When you believe you have complete and sole responsibility and have to do it alone, parenting can feel overwhelming (even before conception or during pregnancy!).

When you realize that you are being loved and supported as you parent or prepare for pregnancy the whole experience becomes so much easier and joyful for all concerned (including baby).

Inspired Parenting in Pregnancy or Before

As you actually invite the universe to help you in your different tasks, you are opening the door to great joy and fulfillment in pregnancy and family life.

So every day you can ask that the universe to help you prepare for your baby, to keep your baby safe and to support his/her healthy development. You can ask that it easy for you to feel good, have energy and enjoy the pregnancy.

You can visualise all the support you need during pregnancy and when baby arrives. And any worries you have can be handed over to the angels so that they can sort it out.

In inspired parenting there is trust that all is well, that your baby is safe, that you are protected and cared for and that you can have fun.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Maintain Healthy Skin of Your Child Through Baby Skin Care

It is true that baby skin is exceptionally delicate and sensitive. It needs a special care. In other words, proper moisturizing and cleaning is required. Studies have also proven that baby skin is highly prone to allergic reactions. So while choosing various baby skin care products, it is necessary to know that they don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Today, there are different types of product available which have been especially manufactured by considering the sensitivity and delicacy of the baby skin. Various baby skin care products are mild shampoos, moisturizers, sunscreens and different sweet powders etc.

While purchasing these baby skin care products, the person must be little cautious. Because, sometimes it is seen that some of the products (which forms the part of baby skin care) are not at all mild. So while buying, it must be made sure that a quality and reputed product is being purchased.

Sometimes, it is seen that certain baby skin care products are very much fragranced. This implies that it contain artificial added fragrance which can be allergic to baby. Not even baby, sometimes adults are also prone to allergy due to highly fragranced articles.

The person should avoid buying those baby skin care products which contains peppermints, citrus and menthol flavor because, these are highly allergic to sensitive skin specially baby skin.

Above were the little precautions to be followed while buying various baby skin care products. But, the real question arises what to use for taking care of baby skin?

It is well known that baby skin is gentle, delicate and easily prone to allergy. So, efforts must be made to buy color and scent free products. In simple words, the products which are completely gentle and mild must be used.

Baby skin must be protected from direct sunrays because UVA cause rashes and redness to delicate and sensitive skin. So, in order to avoid such situation the sunscreen with SPF 15 must be applied when there is an exposure to direct sun light.
It is recommended, not use talcum powder on the baby skin. Instead of talcum, it is suggested to use plain corn starch as it is natural and doesn’t have any adverse affect on the baby skin.

So, next time whenever you go for purchasing different type of baby skin care products, make sure that you go for fragrance free, color free and quality product as this is a matter of your baby’s skin.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Care Accessories

Becoming the parents is the greatest challenge in life today. From the stage of pregnancy it becomes the responsibility of the parents’ to think and plan properly for the growth of their new coming baby. To maintain the proper growth of a baby the parents have to be very cautious in every step. Because, this is the stage for the future growth of the baby. The parents have to be very careful about the baby’s physical and mental development.

But, it is true also in today’s busy life caring for the baby 24 hrs. is very tough. Because when caring for the baby is the most important thing, they have also to maintain their professional livelihood. For these reasons, various types of easy to use Baby Care Accessories are available now for better care of our baby. These accessories can be used from time of pregnancy to the growth of the baby.

The parents can always monitor about their baby’s health condition. These accessories give instant report of our baby’s health. The parents can use these accessories 24 hrs. on their baby and the baby will also enjoy these accessories because all the accessories are designed so attractively keeping in mind of our babies. These accessories are of various toys shaped. So, our baby will never get feared seeing these accessories moreover they will enjoy it very much as their toy games. It helps to acknowledge the parents about the baby’s health condition 24 hrs. instant and keep the babies full of enjoyment. It also helps the growth of baby’s mental and physical condition. So, the parents can live a tension free comfortable life about their baby.

The various Baby Care Accessories, which are available for instant care of babies, are:

1> Baby Safe Wireless Temperature Decorator

2> Baby Toddler Video Monitor

3> Deluxe Parental Heart Listener

4> Duck Bath Thermometer

5> Elephant Bath Thermometer

6> Hippo Bath Thermometer

7> Multifunctional Digital Thermometer

8> Talking Digital Thermometer

9> Talking Ear Thermometer

10> Teddy Bear Digital Thermometer

These Baby Care Accessories are available in attractive designs with various toy shapes, which can give our babies a very healthy life with full of enjoyment. And also keep the parents a tension free comfortable life about their babies.

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